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60 gram, 24 pack of beautiful 4" neon colored canister shells!

24 Professional Effects

1. Blood red and white glitter with sea blue

2. White brocade crown

3. Gold willow to red with white glitter

4. Teal and peach with silver chrysanthemum

5. Purple dahlia and sea blue with gold glitter

6. Purple and green dahlia with white glitter

7. White brocade crown with gold glitter

8. Strong crackle with red plum blossom

9. Sea blue and yellow dahlia with silver chrysanthemum

10. White brocade crown with teal.

11. Blood red and grass green with gold glitter

12. Gold willow to blue with green glitter

13. White brocade crown with green grass

14. Peach and grass green with white glitter

15. Purple and blue and lemon and orange palm

16. Purple and green dahlia with silver chrysanthemum

17. White brocade crown with red glitter

18. Sae blue and yellow dahlia with red plum blossom

19. Gold willow to green with red glitter

20. Grass green and yellow dahlia with white glitter

21. Blood red and sea blue with silver chrysanthemum

22. Colorful palm

23. Red dahlia with red plum blossom

24. Colorful dahlia with silver chrysanthemum